Lamaran Kerja IT bahasa Inggris

Contoh surat lamaran kerja dalam bahasa inggris bidang IT.
17 North Street
Darien, Connecticut 06470

February 28, 2005

Ms. Sandra Thompson
Digitech Computer Company

1700 Baker Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 20170

Dear Sandra:

It was a very pleasant surprise running into you at the Philadelphia Computer Show this morning. I have enclosed my resume to that it may be circulated to the appropriate department heads when you contact them.

As we discussed today, I am interested in working for Digitech in the Philadelphia area and in dealing with customers. An experienced software specialist, I have proposed, planned, designed, managed, developed, and delivered major software system to users. Project management of a multiperson effort has been the primary responsibility of my latest job. In addition to having management and technical skills, I enjoy people, giving presentations, and consulting. Digitech appears to offer opportunities in marketing, customer support, and development that would use my computing expertise. Along with my verbal abilities.

Having recently delivered a significant software application, I would like to begin a new challenge as soon as possible.

Talking with you was a pleasure and has given me a very positive impression of Digitech Computer Company.

When can we meet again to further explore the next step in our discussion? I may be reached at 203/561-3444

                                                                                                                          Yours truly,

                                                                                                                     Carlos Rodriguez
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Lamaran Kerja Farmasi Bahasa Inggris

Berikut adalah contoh surat lamaran kerja bidang Farmasi (Pharmaceutical) dalam bahasa Inggris.

10 Baker Street
Cleveland, Ohio 40613
Phone: (216) 223-555
March 20, 2005

Mr. Christopher Miller
Personnel Manager
Ohio Chem. Corporation
10515 Carnegie Ave
Cleveland, Ohio 40618
Dear Mr. Miller:
    I am replying to your advertisement in the February issue of Cosmetic Chemistry.

   My work with Basic Pharmaceutical’s Anesthetic and Analgesic Division consisted primarily of developing and testing non-oleaginous bases for tropical anesthetics. The bases, of course, had to be broadly anti-allergic if they were to be of commercial value and were tested for the same. Our procedures, in both development and testing, were similar to those used in the cosmetic industry, and our tests were at least as rigorous.

   My resume also shows, as your ad requested, heavy quantitative analysis and quality control experience.
  We should speak further; I will be in New York for the Pharmaceutical Chemists’ Society meeting next month. When can we arrange an interview for that time?
    Thank you for your consideration.

                                                                                    Yours truly,

                                                                                    Paul Thompson

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Contoh Surat Lamaran Bahasa Inggris Posisi Sekretaris

Berikut ini contoh surat lamaran kerja untuk posisi Sekretaris dalam bahasa Inggris

Personnel manager
PT Karya Indah
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said kav 27
Jakarta Selatan

Dear Sir,
In response to your advertisement in today’s issue of  ‘Jakarta Post’ for a secretary to Marketing Manager, I wish to offer my self for the post.

I am twenty two years old and used to work as a typist for two years. Having graduated from Academy of Secretary last year, I got a special job training for secretarial work for three months. Now I feel I have the necessary qualifications to fill the vacancy you offer.

For your further information, I enclose herewith my curriculum vitae, a testimonial from my academy and a recent photograph of mine.

I hope you will consider this application and grant me an opportunity of an interview.

Yours faithfully,

Your Name
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